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07 January 2009 @ 07:09 am

Sometimes I will wake up on a cold, rainy day like today in a somewhat salty mood- wishing that I could skip out on work stay in my pajamas for a little while longer and read a good book while I take the time to fully appreciate my first, second, and third cup of coffee. But alas, in the real world I must press on and so I get up, get dressed, try to make myself look somewhat presentable and begrudgingly step out the door into the rain and the cold.  I am trying to talk myself into a good mood while I'm walking the streets of Philadelphia and then while I'm waiting for the Broad Street Line to arrive. I sit at the subway station pissed off that I have to chug my coffee and that I can't really enjoy my book because the train will be here any minute. But then the train comes. I walk through the doors, find the most attractive seat. I sit down. At that moment, I am reminded that the seats are heated. And man, Life is Good.
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
05 November 2008 @ 12:11 pm

This is the most FABULOUS day! 

From the very beginning of this campaign- even before the primaries- I have been an "Obama Mama". I am absolutely ecstatic that he pulled through on this campaign. I finally feel there is some hope for this country and the world. I am so pleasantly suprised that this country is not as bigoted and close minded as I believed it to be.  When Obama came to our neighborhood in October, I was lucky enough to make it to the rally. I couldn't really see much, but it was really invigorating to be surrounded by other Obama supporters and feel like I was changing history just by being there. He is an amazing speaker- genuine and honest- I feel like he really does care about every American.  I bought shirts for Ben, the kids and me that said "OBAMA- We will Barack you" which we all wore together- literally wearing our Obama pride on our sleeves for the rest of the campaign. I even wore my Obama button on my lab coat at work.

Yesterday, was so awesome because I got to vote with my kids. We showed them first hand that it is so important  to exercise our right to vote and do our best to make the world a better place.

I feel like we did that yesterday. gOBAMA!!!!!
01 October 2008 @ 09:14 pm
Today in wedding news.... We set the date! October 3, 2009 at Knowlton Mansion in the city of brotherly L-O-V-E!

Let the good times roll!!
23 September 2008 @ 04:42 pm

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes. Don't fix your hair. Just take a picture.
Post that picture with no editing.
Include these instructions.

I look crazy. I should really wear makeup more often because I look kinda scary
14 September 2008 @ 05:06 pm

So it's been awhile since I've updated this thing. I don't even know what today's date is. That is so sad, but unfortunately so me. i should write a cog goal for myself like I do for my patients at work ' The pt. will become oriented x3 via external memory aids with max cues fading to independent". Sounds like a great idea until I remember that my patient's are between the ages of 60 to 104 (yes 104- and unbelievably inappropriate!!) and I am 25. Ahh weekends...

So speaking of work I got a new job at Hahnemann Hospital. I start in a month. i wanted to give my boss ample notice because he's been very good to me and flexible with my crazy schedule. He makes our department a pleasant place to work.  I train his son's soccer team. Plus, he looks and acts like my Uncle Clem so I feel like he's part of the family and you gotta respect. It was a tough decision to leave, but I left because 1.) I've always wanted to work acute care, 2.) it's closer to home and to all things the kids need me to do. So now I will be responsible for acute care dysphagia assessments, some communication assessments, and Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies. You can see one here on YouTube. (Yeah- I'm a NERD). So I'm a little nervous because it's a huge responsibility, but I'm also very excited that I get to do what I've always wanted to do! So time to hit the books and brush up on my knowledge before the big day.

The kids started at a new school this year- the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School in South Philly. They seem to be enjoying themselves. They've been taking ballet and learning to play violin. and They've been asking to play soccer (cha- ching!) I am very excited about all the new things they're learning and most of all that they enjoy learning them! Still a little tough trying to work out schedling, but such is life and we will work it out. And soccer! I will be thrilled to get them into soccer! If I could coach it would make my year!  

I just started playing soccer again twice a week. So I'm a little bruised, but absolutely ecstatic. My team is fun, enthusiastic, and send out some positive vibes- so i actually enjoy playing and I don't feel like I'm going to puke with nervousness before I play. So that's always good.

Wedding plans are going very slowly. I have my dress, but no place. So far I've been looking ar arboretums and historical sites, but haven't found the one yet or I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money just it's because it's a wedding and they think they can overcharge us. So that is slowly coming along. I'm going to look at another place on Thursday- so hopefully that works out. If anyone knows of a good place send it my way. 

03 February 2008 @ 05:40 pm
I haven't written in this thing forever. Life has been pretty stinkin' awesome and a crazy whirlwind of life is goodness: 

In August , Ben and I got a place in the Northeast (Philly)... Tacony- Mayfair to be exact.  I like living in this neighborhood, but I miss Fairmount and the Art Museum and walking all over the place in Center City. Sill, I am content in this place. We live in a row home on the top two floors Our landlord, a chiropractor, has his practice on the ground floor. After many trips to Ikea and purchases from craigslist (holla for recycled furniture)- this place feels like home. 

Four days a week we have the chillins which has transformed me into a Mom over the past year or two. Sweet Jesus I am a mom to three wild chillins aka "the Wild Bunch" : 

Isaac, 8 (aka : "Dino.Ike", "Isaac Russell Gomez Scrappy Fenderson Hamilton")

Gloria, *almost 6 (aka: "Glory", "Glorybug", Gloria Jean Twilleger Fenderson Hamilton")

Ian, *almost 3 (aka ; "Ian the wild", "The Stinker", "Ian Montgomery Wisenhower Fenderson Hamilton')

By far, (aside from Ben) the Wild Bunch brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined! Homework and potty training and jumping on top of me at 5am on a Saturday and singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" a million times and being bombarded with hugs and kisses and "I Love You's" when I walk in the door from work. All of it has just been wonderful and enlightening, watching them laugh, and learn and grow/ Everytime they walk out the door, I miss them in the craziest way. They just bring so much sunshine to my life! I don't know what I would do without Ben and the kids...

 Isaac's Birthday Morning

 Glory and my dad

 The Wild Bunch at the Zoo

 Le' Hug Sandwich

 Me, my mom, and the Stinker
Current Location: Illadelphia
04 October 2007 @ 07:33 pm
My mom wrote the Springsteen lyrics "Show a little faith there's magic in the night" to my dad in her college yearbook.

I grew up on the Boss's music and ran around in my mom's Springsteen  80's tour tee. 

I listened to Bruce everytime I crossed over the Jersey State line on the way back from PSU and I saw the E-Street band with my parents the last time they toured in Philly...

And now.... My Aunt won tickets and backstage passes to the Springsteen show tomorrow... and I"M GOING WITH HER!!!! 

I AM MEETING BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!! Holy Crap! Bruce Springsteen!!!

13 July 2007 @ 09:31 pm

1. Where did you live freshman year?
South Halls 305 Cooper!

2. Best thing about the HUB?
The Salads, people watching, and purposely walking through to warm up on my way home from class

3. First party?
Party at AKL

4. Best drunken moment?
There were so many... Amanda and I running a mile to get to a party after the homecoming parade after drinking maragaritas and screwdrivers? dancing at the Gaff?

5. Did you ever get hit by something thrown after a touchdown in Beaver Stadium?
No! I was smart enough to cover my head

6. Best THON moment?
Dancin Straight for 48, Baby!

7. Worst class?

8. First college crush?
Matt Stanley

9. Nastiest sorority?
I don't remember, but the sorority under our floor freshman year was so annoying with their cheers. Alpha!- Sigma! Alpha Sigma Alpha!!!!!!!WHOOOOOOO!

10. Favorite bar?
Mad Mex

11. Best Frat Party?
Hmmm... probably one at AKL

12. College nickname?
I don't think I had one

13. How many pigs are there outside the Tavern?

14. First roommate?
Amanda Sabec! We've been together since 3rd grade- elementary, middle, HS, College, and grad School and we're both SLPs!

15. Did you do LEAP?
Nope... I need the shore

16. Most embarrassing moment?
slipping down the stairs at AGR... completely sober

17. Athletic enough to play any D-1 sports?
My dad begged me to try out for soccer, but I never did

18. What was the name of your bar tour during senior week (if you are an alumni)?
Can't Stop Drinking (CSD) Bar Tour 2005

19. Athlete you were in love with?
I don't think I really paid too much attention to the whole I love football players thing

20. How many parking tickets did you get on campus?

21. Ever hook up at the Shrine?

22. Best game ever seen at Beaver Stadium?
Nebraska Sophmore year.

23. I bet you went to the Sports Cafe at midnight on your 21st?
I think I was home on Summer break

24. Cafe long islands or Saloons Monkeyboys?

25. DP Dough or Pokie Stix?
Pokie Stix

26. What magazine had a photo shoot on AGRs steps?

27. Ever finish the whole crossword from the Collegian?
I don't have enough attention for that

28. Favorite Halloween?
The year I was Foxy Cleopatre... Shazaaam!

29. Your biggest regret?
Stressing out freshman year

30. East, West, North, South, Pollock, Nittany?
SOUTH side!

31. Your telephone number on campus?
can't remember... I think I have it in my old wallet

32. Ever call 5-WALK?
I don't think so

33. Ever wait in line at the Phyrst at 5 am on St. Pattys Day?
Nope, but I remember Donna used to make horny girl scouts and bring them to class on St. Patty's day

34. Ever drive to WalMart just for something to do?

35. Jump off the high dive at the outdoor pool?

36. Do you thank God you moved off campus?
sometimes, but man I missed those mashed potatoes. We were Redifer regulars

37. Best commons brunch?
I ate Everything

38. Ever shout "We Are" when you see Lion Ambassadors give a tour? 
Maybe once or twice

39. Favorite drinking game?
Flip cup. the other ones caused me to become quickly bored and I abandoned the rules and just drank continously. Oh to be young and stupid.

40. Ever go to a rave at Hunan Wok?
No, that whole thing was bizarre

41. Steelers or Eagles?

42. Best food to cure a hangover?
McLanahan's breakfast sandwiches

43. Ever climb Mt. Nittany?
Yes! To the top

44. Do you know the story of Mt. Nittany?

45. How did you meet your senior year roommates?
Amanda- grew up with her
Corey-lived down the hall freshman year
Donna- our friend Ted's ex-girlfriend

46. What college(s) were you in?
College of Health & Human Development

47. Favorite State College band?

48. Best party you ever threw?
  we didn't have any... someone else can have beer spilled on their carpet. We did have kick ass pasta parties and brownie sundaes way too often

49. What made you pick THE Pennsylvania State University?
Happiest place on earth!

50. What concerts/events did you go to at Bryce Jordan or Eisenhower?
Everclear, Maya Angelou... I think that's it

51. SBS, UBS, or Campus Bookstore?
SBS- Big Blue on the Corner

52. Ever get in trouble with the police?
No... I wasn't that bad!

53. Ever get lost in the stacks?
No, but man my heart was racing when I had to go in there. Someone was murdered there and my overactive imagination did not like that.

54. Did you ever have a "Joegie?"

55. What do you miss the most about your days at Penn State?
Being young and wild and free. But these days are just as good, just different

22 January 2007 @ 02:36 pm
My Soccer Club, DANUBIA!!!! (USL Gold League Champs!) is having a Beef and Beer to raise money to so we can fly to Ohio and play in an International Tournament Memorial Day Weekend! It would bring joy to my life if you guys would come. Here are the details:

When: February 9th
Where: Danubia Soccer Club, ILLadelphia
Time: 7pm
Cost: $30 plus having to listen to me talk too much
Bonus: you get to meet the infamous BOB GREEN!!

 I just got an email saying they need a headcount for the event. Let me know if you want to come because there is a good chance I will have to ask the coach for more tickets.
13 January 2007 @ 04:19 pm
I went to my Aunt Jane and Uncle Clem's house last night for my cousin Audrey's 14th birthday (the little Greens are not so little anymore!). My Aunt told me a story about my cousin Clement that goes a little somethin'  like this... hit it:

Clement was going to his very first sleepover party last weekend. My Aunt was worried about him fitting in with the other kids because he is Deaf (really Deaf 90dB style aka he can hear a mack truck horn) . And when you are Deaf you miss a lot of stuff that people say and kids aren't exactly lenient when it comes to people interrupting the flow of speech to ask for a repeat. Anyway! She was really worried about him fitting in and having fun at the party, so she gave him a little talk...

Aunt Jane: Clement, if you can't understand what someone is saying to you then ask them to repeat it or have them write it down so you don't miss anyhing. And remember your manners!

Clement: Yeah mom, I know... say please, thank you, and don't say SHIT.

What a little pisser!